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Sprucing up the house

The quickest renovation any homeowner can do is paint the walls. New colour throughout, or brightly featured wall can make the house feel new in no time. It's a great renovation for a relatively new inexperienced handyman, although of course there are always things you can do to make the work look cleaner, neater and more professional. As a painter I have a lot of easy hints and short cuts, that can help you to get best finish for the least effort. If you don't want to do the job yourself, professional painters have the commercial painting tools to make the job look fantastic, so you can always call one.

How An Accent Wall Can Benefit Your Workspace

If you're repainting your offices, there's no need to create a drab and lacklustre environment with off-white splashed everywhere. While you need to create a professional look, you can create a vibrant workplace using accent walls within a neutral palette. There are several benefits in incorporating such a feature into your design.

Incorporates Your Brand

When staff walk through the workspace or when clients visit, it's essential that your branding features somewhere. Using one of your trademark colours as an accent wall is an ideal way to achieve this. Your brand colours might be blue and yellow, for instance. In a meeting room, why not paint one of the walls in blue? 

In a rectangular space, target one of the smaller end walls; often the one you face when entering is the right choice. Avoid walls with windows and other architectural elements. An accent colour, though, can become overwhelming across a vast expanse. If the only suitable surface is a long wall, section off one part only for the contrast. To integrate the accent hue with the room, repeat it elsewhere, such as within a painting.

Adds Interest To Your Office Space

A pleasant working environment can help boost morale, and your staff will enjoy being in the space. Accent walls can help with this, preventing rooms from looking drab, flat and one-dimensional. Some offices need a bit of help if they don't have any interesting architectural features. A contrast wall helps to create a sense of depth; it can create a hint of a nook or cranny.

An accent wall also provides an opportunity to splash on a bold colour that would be overwhelming across larger expanses. Orange, for instance, is stimulating, which can be conducive to vibrant and lively meetings when spread across one section.

Defines Leisure Areas

You can also use variation in wall colour to zone off distinct areas when undertaking a commercial painting project. A kitchen, where staff typically spend less time, can take warmer, bolder shades such as red or orange. Deeper and warmer hues tend to draw walls closer and engender coziness. For a cramped kitchen, pale and cool blues and greens will visually expand the space. 

If your workplace has a meditation room designated for relaxing, combine a soft green accent wall with a water feature. Then add some warm, muted timber or sandstone within the design, making sure to remove any clutter. A lush potted plant will provide the finishing touch.

Contact a commercial painting contractor for help with your painting project.