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Sprucing up the house

The quickest renovation any homeowner can do is paint the walls. New colour throughout, or brightly featured wall can make the house feel new in no time. It's a great renovation for a relatively new inexperienced handyman, although of course there are always things you can do to make the work look cleaner, neater and more professional. As a painter I have a lot of easy hints and short cuts, that can help you to get best finish for the least effort. If you don't want to do the job yourself, professional painters have the commercial painting tools to make the job look fantastic, so you can always call one.

Getting Your House Painted? Take These Preparatory Steps First

Painting the exterior of your home and keeping it in good repair is one of the best ways to stop problems before they start. If you allow the paint to chip, peel and crack, you are leaving your home exposed to the elements, and it will not be long before the damage begins to show. Before you know it, you are looking at thousands of dollars in repair costs and possibly even putting the structural integrity of your property at risk. Read More 

Three Stunning Ideas For Creating An Eye-Catching Chevron Paint Pattern In Your Home

Repainting a room is a fantastic way to quickly and easily transform it. A new paint job is also a way to create a highly personal and unique look that appeals to your taste. If you like a modern, bold, and edgy look, then combining colour and geometry with the use of a chevron pattern may be the perfect idea for your room makeover.  A chevron pattern uses zig-zag lines in horizontal layers. Read More 

Painting and Decorating: Wainscoting Designs to Consider For Your Home

If you are looking for a functional way to enhance the aesthetics of your walls, you should consider wainscoting. This is distinctive wood paneling that enhances the appearance of your walls while also protecting them from damage. These panels can then be painted in accordance to your home's interior d├ęcor theme. However, choosing wainscoting for your home is not simply about selecting the first design that catches your eye. You need to assess the individual style of your home to ensure that the style you choose will complement your residence whether you have a contemporary home or a country style residence. Read More