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Sprucing up the house

The quickest renovation any homeowner can do is paint the walls. New colour throughout, or brightly featured wall can make the house feel new in no time. It's a great renovation for a relatively new inexperienced handyman, although of course there are always things you can do to make the work look cleaner, neater and more professional. As a painter I have a lot of easy hints and short cuts, that can help you to get best finish for the least effort. If you don't want to do the job yourself, professional painters have the commercial painting tools to make the job look fantastic, so you can always call one.

Safety tips for house painters

Painting a house can be a fun job, both for DIY painters and professionals. However, as with virtually all decorating work, there are some important safety rules to follow. Read on to find out what three important steps you should take to ensure your safety before you begin working on painting a house. Tip #1: Watch out for lead in the paint Paint with high levels of lead was sold in Australia prior to 1970, and it still poses a danger today. Read More 

Why A Professional Contractor Should Handle Any Home Repainting Job

Painting is not a job that is as easy as it seems. There is much more to painting a home, whether that's the interior or exterior, than many homeowners realize. Having a professional contractor handle this work for you will mean a paint job that looks better and that lasts longer. Note why that is and why it's best to always have a professional handle your repainting work. 1. Surface prep Read More 

2 Easy Tips To Help You Learn The Art Of Painting

Painting for novices and painting for professional painters or artists involves almost similar processes. Only the acquaintance with primary painting guidelines and the ease of performing those practical procedures is what clearly separates a novice painter from an experienced one. If you wish to learn the art of painting, begin with two easy tips that will propel you to greater heights as a painter. Become Knowledgeable In Oil Painting For beginners, the first and most important aspect about oil painting is gaining knowledge about your materials. Read More 

Tips for Preparing Any Surface for Painting

Before you paint anything, you must properly prepare the surface no matter the material. Professional painters know this and know that taking the time to prepare surfaces will help the paint to look better and to adhere longer. If you're going to be painting the interior or exterior of your home or anything else, note a few simple but very important tips for preparing the surface. 1. Wash Thoroughly Use a good cleanser but one meant for the particular surface before you do anything else. Read More 

Five Tips for Decorating an Anxious Child’s Bedroom

Raising an anxious child can be hard on both the parent and the child. However, there are steps you can take to make your home into a calming oasis for your child. Start by focusing on his or her room. Here are five ideas to consider: 1. Use peaceful paint colours The colours on your child's wall can have a big impact on how your child feels. Avoid high energy colours such as red and orange, and embrace anxiety-reducing palettes in earth tones. Read More